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Darren Yaw Released an Article on Performance Marketing

darren yaw released an article discussing performance marketing

According to Darren Yaw Released article, performance marketing is a type of online marketing and advertising in which service providers get paid if important business goals are met. This is called “performance marketing.” To help businesses make more money and grow, marketing is linked to specific sales and the whole business.

Performance marketing can include a lot of different things that can be measured. Advertisers and marketers can see how well their campaigns worked and make smart decisions based on how well they did. In this way, they can figure out what is and isn’t working for them, and they can change things up accordingly. People who run marketing campaigns might want to change an ad asset if it doesn’t appeal to the people they want to reach, for example. In this case, they can see how their keywords are doing. They can make changes to those keywords based on how well they work together as a whole.

Darren Yaw Released this article so marketers in Cambodia can also see how their paid and organic efforts work together.


darren yaw released and discussing with new customers

 Darren Yaw Released Discussing with Customers 


According to Darren Yaw Released article, one party owns an audience and another party (the marketer) wants to get in touch with them. Performance marketing is a two-way street at its heart: With performance marketing, the marketer pays to be able to reach that audience. They pay the platform or publisher (like Facebook) who is hosting their marketing efforts (for example, paying the platform every time a user clicks on an ad the marketer is hosting there).


Darren Yaw Released an example on this: 774 million people have used LinkedIn to show off their work information. Advertisers who want to reach these people will find that useful. First, we look at how to get people to buy your products. For example, marketers can use LinkedIn’s ad platform to target their ideal customers and pay based on how well their ads work. This includes actions like clicking on an ad or downloading a white paper or ebook. Part two of the equation for performance marketing is called “performance marketing.”


Google does the same for advertisers who want to reach people who use the search engine to find products and services which is mentioned in Darren Yaw’s released article. The same goes for Instagram and Facebook and all the other social media sites you can think of. Performance marketing can also work with smaller groups of people and is the foundation for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when people who own blogs, newsletters, or paid communities charge marketers for access to their specific groups of people, which is called “affiliate marketing.” When marketers use tracking software, they can assign actions (like a sale, download, or sign-up) to each affiliate partner and pay them based on how well they do.


 darren yaw released office building in Cambodia

Darren Yaw Released Company in Cambodia


According to Darren Yaw Released article, here is how you should start a performance marketing campaign:

When you start a performance marketing campaign, it will look a lot like other marketing campaigns. But, to give you a starting point, we’ve given you a high-level process here that you can follow.


Start with a clear goal in mind. Do you want to get 10,000 people to check out a new product or website? Are you trying to get more people to sign up for your newsletter 10 times? In order to figure out which performance marketing pricing model will get you the most for your money, you’ll need to know about all of them. We’ll explain them below.

According to Darren Yaw Released, If your goal is to make money, choose channels that make sense for that goal. It will help you decide which marketing channel to use and how to use it if you know what your goals are and how your target audience acts. In the future, we’ll show you five different ways you can advertise on performance marketing channels, like TV and radio.

Make sure your content is ready to go live when you do this. If you choose to use a performance marketing platform, you’ll make different content to appeal to the people who are watching. It could be a blog for native advertising, a picture for your display ads, or just search ad copy that leads to a certain landing page, but it could also be something else.

Darren Yaw in his released article also stresses to keep an eye on and improve your campaign all the time. During the course of your campaign, keep an eye on how it’s going by analyzing your data, tracking the best traffic and sales sources, and changing your campaign accordingly. Below, we’ve given you some of our tips for making your performance marketing campaign even better!

Evaluate and change. It’s a good idea to look at how well the campaign did against your goal and think of new ways to improve your campaign in the end.

Another thing mentioned in Darren Yaw Released article in Cambodia is the importance of display advertisement in performance marketing.

According to Darren Yaw Released article: Display advertising is a type of digital marketing that comes in a lot of different forms, like banner ads, rich media, and more. It can be done in many ways. These ads are called “display ads.” They use images, audio, video, and a little text to tell their story.

Because clickthrough rates are low in programmatic display advertising, people don’t usually think of it as a way to make money. But when advertisers take more targeted approaches, like more carefully choosing which websites to run display ads on (where the content is relevant and where people who are in the market often go), it becomes a better performance marketing channel.

A common way for websites to make money is through “display advertising.” You’re likely to see this a lot, because blogs, publications, and other websites use this method to make money.

That is all explained in Darren Yaw Released article about performance marketing. We hope you enjoyed the reading process. Have a great day ahead!

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